We help businesses
lower costs by up to 20%

We believe saving money on products you use everyday should be easy
a profit improvement solutions provider

We help lower costs so you can hire new talent.

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We help lower costs that help you open a new location.

improve profit and vacation more

We lower costs that may help you finally take that vacation.

By using Stilt, savings on goods & services is within your grasp. You can improve your profitability and start saving as soon as next month’s invoices roll in. It’s never been easier to save on products you use everyday to run your business – with no risk, no obligations or hassles.

A new way to save - painlessly.

Stilt gives you an easy-to-implement profit improvement solution to turbocharge your savings on goods and services. Plus, there’s no disruption to your current purchasing process. Stilt is your secret weapon to reduce your costs, increase your profits and eliminate the hassles of contractor negotiations.

Concentrate on your business while Stilt concentrates on helping you save money - every day.

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Is Your Business Throwing Away Money Without Stilt? Yes It Is.

We work with small businesses that are getting a raw deal due to continually rising costs. Giant enterprises who can afford to pay suppliers astronomical prices for goods and services are absorbing profit dollars away from businesses like yours. So, we’re fighting for small businesses because they are the backbone of America. We’ve got your back!

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Healthy Profits For All

Stilt gives your business the power of better buying. Through a simple yet intuitive system backed by world-class support, Stilt is empowering small and medium sized businesses all over the country – significantly reducing costs and leveraging the collective smarts of a fast-growing network of intelligent business owners and buyers.

Improving profits has never been more affordable

For as little as $500/month*,
Stilt can save you thousands.

Start saving on next month’s invoices on products your business uses everyday. Products like technology, hardware, office supplies, food and beverages, medical and lab supplies and thousands more. Our portfolio of over 2,000 suppliers covers almost every need and vertical. Start saving with Stilt’s profit improvement solution today with a no-risk, no-commitment easy setup.

*$500 fee introductory offer is valid for the first 3 months of Stilt services for up to 5 supplier activations.

smb reducing costs

“Stilt has saved our business over $100,000 year to date. We view the spend management platform as a strategic advantage to succeed in a very competitive industry.”

David Agarth

Chief Financial Officer, Encompass

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